Printing Center Connect New Customer Request

  • Thank you for requesting access to the Printing Center Connect system!


    - Please go to

    User name is your institutional email address.

    Password is your last name in all lower case letters.

    If you have ordered in the last three months, you are probably already entered.

    If that does not let you in - then enter your RNumber below.


TTUHSC/TTUHSCEP/TTU/TTUS Institutional Customer


  • Please follow this LINK to set-up your account:

    We recommend that you use your email address as Login ID.


  • Please press the submit button below. The link it forwards to is designed for employees. It is dependent upon specific information entered. When you submit this form it will be routed to

    He will reply and send a link for you to use in setting up your account.

    Schools and nonprofit entities that have some connection to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Texas Tech University, University Medical Center, or Region 17, and/or are located within Lubbock County are typically reviewed within 8 working hours. Others may take longer for a decision and are encouraged to give a more detailed note above. 


    Verify and Submit - FOP